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iNebula: Accelerate clinical research toward better patient outcomes  

▸ View comprehensive trial status and data in real-time

▸ Streamline workflow and eliminate costly bottlenecks

▸ Fully interoperable with all ophthalmic image data

▸ 21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR compliant

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iNebula is more than a clinical trial workflow platform. In addition to providing real-time access to clinical trial information, Voxeleron is re-imagining how we run and assess clinical trials. With iNebula, we can visualize data across all ophthalmic devices and then leverage the interface to derive correlations between data and clinical outcomes. iNebula’s imaging insights and synthesis of data improves and accelerates the clinical development of exciting new molecules.”

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How It Works

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With iNebula You Can:

Store and view OCT data in native form, from any OCT vendor

Manage data across all medical industry standards such as DICOM, FHIR and HL7

Access and manage images and data within and across multiple geographic locations for the lifetime of your projects

Instantly locate data and reports with keyword search

Leverage workflow and notifications to dispatch tasks and share images

Integrate with Voxeleron’s Orion for advanced OCT image analysis tasks

Store electronic records such as eCRFs compliant with 21 CFR Part 11

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