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Orion: Bring comprehensive eye health into focus with innovative analysis software

▸ Analyze images and data from the entire spectrum of devices and platforms 

Attain best-in-class retinal segmentation with proven, AI-enhanced analysis 

▸ Reduce read times with automated measurements, using intuitive software 

“Based on an early study of their results, I was encouraged to see the Voxeleron algorithm accurately segment layers on scans where a commercially available algorithm had failed. With the added ability to segment more retinal layers, I am interested in looking at new parameters for disease. We looked at numerous eyes and saw consistent results, and we plan to publish our findings.”

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“We evaluated a number of OCT analysis tools across multiple devices and concluded that Orion is superior in many respects. We work closely with the Voxeleron team to use Orion to maximize efficiencies and minimize errors.”

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Why Choose Orion 

Device-independent 8 retinal layer segmentation software

The limited functionality of existing OCT tools has constrained analysis to only two or three retinal layers, despite the clinical importance of the inner retinal layers in disease detection and prognosis.  We address this technology gap, providing researchers 8-layer segmentation and the needed biomarkers for early detection and prognosis of ocular and neurological diseases. 

Orion advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) analysis software is fully automated and entirely platform independent – truly vendor neutral – and processes data from all major OCT scanners in any of their formats. Orion provides 3D visualization, layer editing wizards, angiography support, batch processing and many more features.   

Reading centers choose Orion to improve speed and accuracy, generate actionable results and, ultimately, drive better patient outcomes. * 

*Orion has not been approved for clinical use. It is a research tool, and may not be used to support the treatment or diagnosis of human patients. 

See how Orion seamlessly interfaces with iNebula

The complete, cloud-based clinical trial platform