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In addition to delivering state of the art custom software and solutions, Voxeleron is committed to its own program of research and development.  Towards that end, Voxeleron’s Scientific Advisory Board was created to offer expertise and help guide the research to address the most interesting and relevant problems.

Dr. Peter Calabresi serves as the Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Center, focusing on the diagnosis and management of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He is the principal investigator on several clinical trials and oversees research projects seeking to create new anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective therapies for MS.  Professor Calabresi has pioneered the use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in MS identifying the relevance of retinal layers for both the screening and monitoring of this neurological disorder.

This is a voluntary advisory role and Prof. Calabresi has no financial interest in Voxeleron LLC.