AuxogynWe engaged Voxeleron to help research and develop computer vision algorithms to support our product development, allowing us to accelerate our release schedule and get to market more quickly. They were able to take the lead on the computer vision research tasks that would feed a probabilistic inference engine that we had been developing. In addition, they spearheaded the development of the product code for these algorithms. They offered tremendous support during our regulatory process, helped us in recruiting additional computer vision personal, and developed and wrote a significant number of our algorithm testing verification and validation software and documents. Although they were external consultants they acted like and were trusted as though they were part of the team. Their high level of expertise and professionalism, along with their ability to seamlessly fit in with our company culture allows me to highly recommend them and thank them for their contributions to Auxogyn.

Vytronus LogoVoxeleron has been an indispensable consulting resource to VytronUS in support of our research, design and implementation of ultrasound image based visualization capabilities. They were able to quickly understand the challenges of our particular problem domain and leverage their broad expertise to not only guide our technical feasibility activity, but were key contributors throughout our algorithm evaluation, refinement, and final implementation phase. In addition to bringing high caliber technical capability to the team, they brought a collaborative work style that allowed them to improve the effectiveness of our internal staff. If you have a challenging computer vision problem to solve and need to move quickly, I’d highly recommend the services offered by Voxeleron.