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Fundus Image Import

Included in the current release of Orion is the ability to import arbitrary fundus images, be they color fundus images, auto-fluoroscein or even microperimetry images.  Orion doesn’t need to know the field of view and you can either align them manually to the OCT data or automatically when an existing fundus image exists. This then allows you to correlated image information seen in the fundus image with the OCT data showing cross section structure.  You can also navigate using the fundus image, draw and measure regions of interest and accurately correlate findings with the OCT.  Check out the fundus image import demo on our tutorials page.

Cfp Align
An example of using landmarks to align the OCT data with an imported color fundus photo.
Af Align
An example fluorescein image is aligned to an already loaded IR image. This is done automatically, and is then in alignment with the OCT data.
Af2 Align
Once aligned, the fluorescein image may be used to navigate the OCT data.


Fundus Import Fft Half
The above shows how simple the automated alignment can be. This allows for direct correspondence between data of different modalities.  Click the image to see the steps involved.