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Voxeleron at ARVO 2023

Voxeleron at ARVO 2023 An ARVO in April in New Orleans is certainly an exciting prospect, so we look forward to our time in this historic city.   Ahead of that, we’re taking the opportunity to share some updates as…

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Macula Society 45th Annual Meeting

Professor Giovanni Staurenghi presented collaborative work on the “Automated quantitative assessment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration ocular coherence tomography (OCT) images acquired using a home-based OCT device” at today’s session on neovascular AMD.  The work details the performance of a…

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Voxeleron at ARVO 2022

Voxeleron at ARVO 2022 It's great that ARVO commences again as an in person conference, so we very much look forward to interacting with fellow researchers and the community as a whole.  In the downtime we have at least been…

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