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Voxeleron launches iNebula™, a cloud-based platform for optimized ophthalmic clinical trial workflow

Voxeleron launches iNebula™, a cloud-based platform for optimized ophthalmic clinical trial workflow

iNebula seeks to advance every aspect of clinical trial management, from initial recruitment through post-hoc analysis

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 2, 2022: Voxeleron, a cloud-based platform provider that analyzes and tracks all formats of ophthalmic data, today announced the availability of iNebula, a digital media platform specifically developed to optimize ophthalmic clinical trial management. With iNebula, clinical research organizations (CROs), reading centers, and pharmaceutical sponsors can view comprehensive trial data and status in real time. iNebula’s unique manufacturer-neutral platform works seamlessly across all image and data formats, with secure, cloud-based storage ensuring data is available anytime, from any device.

“iNebula is more than a clinical trial workflow platform,” said George Magrath, MD, CEO of Lexitas Pharma Services and one of iNebula’s first customers. “In addition to providing real-time access to clinical trial information, Voxeleron is re-imagining how we run and assess clinical trials. With iNebula, we can visualize data across all ophthalmic devices and then leverage the interface to derive correlations between data and clinical outcomes. iNebula’s imaging insights and synthesis of data improves and accelerates the clinical development of exciting new molecules.”

“We are thrilled to expand availability of iNebula to a broader audience involved in every phase of ophthalmic clinical trials,” said Daniel Russakoff, Co-founder and CTO of Voxeleron. “By providing access to the world’s first ophthalmic graph database through an intuitive interface, we are giving our customers the speed, accuracy and versatility they need to transform millions of images and data points into actionable results.”

“Using the iNebula platform, CROs, reading centers, and pharma sponsors will be able to manage clinical trials through dashboard views of data by trial, site, or patient,” said Jonathan Oakley, Co-founder and CSO of Voxeleron. “This will accelerate initial trial recruitment, remove bottlenecks in workflow, and enable retrospective analyses — ultimately leading to better disease treatments and patient outcomes.”

For more information about iNebula features and benefits, or to request a demo, visit

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Voxeleron is the innovative leader in AI-backed ophthalmic image analysis, delivering a powerful platform that interprets millions of measurements across multiple formats to translate clinical research data into valid, actionable results. By optimizing all aspects of clinical eye research, from initial trial recruitment through post-hoc analysis, Voxeleron is bringing comprehensive eye health into focus and helping eradicate diseases affecting tens of millions. Learn more at

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