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Voxeleron Welcomes Manabu Tokunaga as new Director of Software

Voxeleron has hired Manabu Tokunaga as its Director of Software effective immediately.  Manabu brings decades of experience in radiology, clinical imaging, and EHR interoperability to Voxeleron’s diverse portfolio of AI and digital imaging solutions.  Manabu has both founded and worked at a number of successful medical startups and carries with him a culture of excellence in technology, operations, and quality management. “A key activity in medicine is communicating findings and acting on them,” said Tokunaga.  “Over my career, my work in CT, ultrasound and PACS interoperability has been about machines and people communicating efficiently and effectively.  I am thrilled now to bring all of my experience to ophthalmology with AI in the communication chain.”

“We are so excited to have Manabu join our team,” said Daniel Russakoff, Voxeleron’s CTO.  “His experience in this field is unparalleled and his initiative and ‘team-first’ attitude make him the perfect person to help us build our next-generation ophthalmic PACS.”

As the Director of Software, Manabu will manage the software team, while leading technical strategy, product roadmap and implementation as Voxeleron brings its algorithmic innovation and data fluency to the cloud.

About Voxeleron

Voxeleron LLC, based in San Francisco, CA, sits at the intersection of ophthalmic imaging, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. Specializing in the development of advanced ophthalmic image analysis software, Voxeleron is unrivaled in experience building and releasing algorithms in this area. Built upon a substantial IP portfolio, OrionTM, Voxeleron’s flagship product for ophthalmic image analysis, has processed hundreds of thousands of OCT images, helping researchers study diseases affecting tens of millions. To learn more about Voxeleron, please visit