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Voxeleron at ARVO 2021

Voxeleron at ARVO 2021

While disappointed that we cannot meet again this year in person, we at Voxeleron are happy to instead meet virtually. We’re available to meet throughout the conference – just use the “Talk Now” button – and would welcomg the opportunity for demos and conversations. In particular, we shall be showcasing Orion and Nebula.


Orion is research software for advanced OCT analysis. It facilitates best in class workflows for deriving endpoints used, for example, in clinical trials. It is our “one seat” solution that supports all devices; the endless import and export loop is a thing of the past for Orion users. But the time savings accumulate not only through using one piece of software, the analysis is fast, accurate and more extensive. And the editing tools, calipers, free-hand drawings simple and intuitive. Get accurate results faster with Orion. Key functionality includes:

  • Built in database (new for 2021)
  • Fundus image import and alignment (new for 2021)
  • 8 automated layer segmentation
  • Angio analysis
  • 3d visualization
  • Intelligent editing
  • Change analysis


Once you see Orion you’d be hard push to find features that are missing. Except, perhaps, the ability to share data with other users and collaborators globally, securely and at any time and on any machine. To do this, we’re introducing Nebula, which is also packed with features to make clinical trials more manageable, more efficient and more secure. With such critical requirements in mind, some of the core features offered by Nebula are:

  • A truly vendor neutral archive: support for storing and viewing all OCT data in its native format.
  • A full digital media manager with support for associated photos, videos, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel files, and even complex XML and JSON results from, for example, AI and ML research projects.
  • Fluent in medical industry standards such as DICOM, FHIR and HL7, with support for your HIPAA and HITECH compliance.
  • Encrypted and unlimited data storage within and across multiple geographic locations of your choice and for the lifetime of your projects.
  • Access-controlled with all user interactions logged and fully-auditable.
  • Create your own digital approval forms using our integrated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, signing procedure.
  • Use smart search to instantly locate data and reports directly in your web browser; use smart workflow and notifications to dispatch tasks and share images.
  • Nebula fully integrates with Orion for advanced OCT image analysis tasks and results sharing.


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